1. anon(9268751)'s Avatar
    Two questions and thanks in advance for anyone's help.
    1. Will the Verizon version work with T-mobile or Att (either LTE or 3g)
    2. Several Verizon mvno's don't offer LTE and don't seem to sell a sim card so I guess they only offer 3g. Can this phone be activated on those providers not using the sim but activating on the cdma "side"
    07-03-2015 11:44 PM
  2. Johnny Barbrarelli's Avatar
    You know, at the risk of sounding dumb this is what I've come to the conclusion of.

    I've had a few Verizon unlocked phones that all claim LTE capability(G2/m8). When using with straight talk services I realize that the best that could be achieved in my area was HSPA, at times 3g was achieved but was fleeting. Now from the sources off the internet, HSPA is comparable or better than 3g speeds. (Area contingencies apply)

    I began running connection speed tests through various modes available through the global phone/gsm/cdma antenna options. The connections were lackluster and disappointing. We're talking 6mbps download, AT BEST. then I put the straight talk sim in the moto x from AT&T and blew waaay past 20 mbps download speeds.

    Long answer short is that although Verizon unlocked the phones for global use, these are not the bands you're looking for (*Wave of the hand*) if you're attempting to use a gsm network and want decent speeds. Since you mentioned T-Mobile, I think you might be in a different boat and this might work out better for you BUT I'm willing to bet they will still not support all the bands offered by T-Mobile... Maybe.

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    07-04-2015 12:31 AM

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