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    One of the issues that AT&T Moto X (2013) users are having after installing the 222.26.1.ghost_att.ATT.en.US att Lollipop update is that their contacts are wiped out on the phone and they get an error message when trying to re-sync the phone to their backed up contacts from their AT&T Address Book. (You would do this by going to Contacts, to the Settings menu, then selecting AT&T address book and saying Yes to sync--then you get the error message.)

    First, if this happens to you, DO NOT TRY TO SYNC "TO" THE PHONE FROM THE AT&T ADDRESS BOOK WEBSITE. Apparently, that could delete the contacts on the website as well. I recommend logging on to the website and exporting your contacts as a CSV file before doing anything else.

    I walked through a few steps with AT&T tech support to try to fix the sync error message that I was getting on the phone. These included resetting the APNs, disabling and re-enabling the AT&T Address Book app on the phone, and cycling the power. What seems to have worked was freeing up storage space on the phone. 1GB free space was not enough, but when I deleted files to free up 1.75GB, the next time I restated, my AT&T Address Book contacts had synced automatically.

    Hope that helps someone.
    07-29-2015 10:12 AM

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