1. dmark44's Avatar
    When Moto Assist would read text messages back to me, it would read out the names of any emojis in the text.

    My family found it a great source of entertainment to hear the Google lady real off a whole long string of emojis names! Now it just skips over them.

    It's also a problem when someone uses an emoji in place of a word.

    Is this a Moto App for lollipop thing? Or Google Services (text to speech?) or something else? Either way I miss it!
    09-12-2015 11:42 PM
  2. readhpr's Avatar
    No idea about the emojis thing. I haven't had any messages read out to me on Lollipop yet.

    I have a different issue with Assist on Lollipop. On my first phone (a GNex) I used Tasker for setting the phone to Silent Mode during calendar events shown as Busy. I had a different Tasker scenario that put the phone in Silent Mode when the phone is plugged in to charge during set night time hours, but let calls through for certain white-listed contacts. Tasker has worked great for those things, so I kept using it when I got the Moto X. But the update broke my Tasker tasks because of the newLollipop "interruptions" settings (None, Priority or All), so I thought I'll try out the Meetings and Sleeping modes in Assist.

    I really like the Meetings and Sleeping except that as far as I can tell they only allow you to set interruptions to Priority, with no option to set interruptions to None. What I would like is to set it to Priority for Sleeping, so that calls from starred contacts will make it through and alarms will sound, and set it to None for Meetings so that the phone is completely silent when I am teaching classes or in an orchestra rehearsal -- I really cannot have the phone making any noise whatsoever in those circumstances.

    What I ended up doing is go into the Sound and Notifications -> Interruptions settings and turn everything off for Priority Interruptions, so that Priority is none-except-for-alarms. This way I can use Moto Assist -> Meetings to set the interruptions to Priority mode during calendar events, and it will keep the phone totally silent unless I purposely set an alarm (which I know not to do). But that means that *no* calls get through at night if I use the Assist -> Sleeping, so I've gone back to Tasker for nighttime. I had to edit my old Tasker sleep task setup so that when my phone is plugged in overnight, it sets Interruptions to Priority, and then if someone from my Tasker whitelist calls during the night, it sets Interruptions to All.

    I'm glad I found a way to get it to work, but it would be nice (especially for "normal" users who are not going to be using Tasker for these things) if there was a choice of Priority or None in the Assist Meetings and Sleeping modes, and one could be set to None and the other to Priority if you like.
    09-20-2015 11:21 AM

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