1. diesteldorf's Avatar
    Except for the Nexus 6, I've never had a phone on Lollipop until now.

    I know with the Nexus 6, all updates would fail on a rooted phone, but it never had the potential to brick the phone, at least in my experience, and I would flash any update manually at my convenience.

    Do all OTA Lollipop updates, automatically fail on all rooted phones without bricking them?

    If this is the case, I don't really care if one accidentally installs, but on Kitkat, I had a case where I was stuck in a boot loop and had to reflash a nandroid/stock firmware to get out of it.

    On my Moto 2013, I decided to keep it on Kitkat, since people were complaining about the 5.0 update and I didn't want to risk a brick. I was able to freeze Moto OTA file in Titanium backup to prevent automatic updating.

    Is there a file to freeze on the Moto Pure to prevent automatic updating?

    I just want to prevent any bricking. Hopefully, root will automatically cause any update to fail without installing.
    09-17-2015 07:14 PM
  2. ProBird79's Avatar
    On my Nexus 5 it would unroot it. That was a side load though. Worst case scenario is that you will have to re-root. It definitely shouldn't brick it.
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    09-18-2015 01:05 AM

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