1. TiagoPeres's Avatar
    Hi everyone, I bought my moto x play last week and I'm experiencing some lag and crashing issues. I ran the antutu benchmark and got a very low score compared to other people's (21k). Trying to find out what's wrong, I noticed Antutu was saying my cpu frequency is 36 MHz, which is bizarre. To check my CPU specs, I downloaded cpu-z and it's now saying all 8 CPU cores are stopped. How is it even possible?

    All cores disabled. How is my phone even running?-screenshot_2015-11-21-17-27-05.jpg

    I also downloaded other CPU analysis softwares and all say the same: the 8 cores are either disabled or sleeping.

    Thanks in advance for any answer.
    11-21-2015 03:09 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Hi Tiago, welcome to the forums! That's weird, you shouldn't be having any crash with your new phone and the Untutu benchmarks should show 32 to 35k at least. Being a brand new phone I would try a factory reset just to make sure you didn't get a faulty device. Have you downloaded any app that could be the cause of those performance problems?
    11-21-2015 03:40 PM
  3. TiagoPeres's Avatar
    I downloaded too many apps already to know which one could be causing me problems. I'll do a factory reset and run the benchmark and the CPU analysis softwares again. If the problem persists I'll have to return it to to store.
    11-21-2015 03:58 PM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    Try something Tiago. Boot your phone in safe mode and check if the problem persists. To do so press & hold on the power button, press & hold on the Power Off option and then select safe mode.
    11-21-2015 04:37 PM
  5. TiagoPeres's Avatar
    I did a factory reset and it got worse, a lot worse, now I can't even get past the system initial configuration, it freezes after 15 seconds it's on. God, I hate this, but I don't think I have another choice, I'll have to go back to my Nexus 4 and try to convince Motorola to give me a new Moto X Play.

    I also tried booting it in safe mode, same problem. Thanks for the help anyway.
    11-21-2015 07:30 PM
  6. Javier P's Avatar
    It doesn't sound good. I think you need to ask for a replacement. Tell us how it goes and good luck. Sorte Tiago
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    11-21-2015 07:37 PM
  7. PiYuSh gupta8's Avatar
    Try to put it on charging and then try cpu-z after 5mins and tell me about results and also try antutu on charging

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    12-27-2015 03:24 AM

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