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    My phone just randomly started having problems charging recently. Today, I looked the microUSB charging port under a microscope and the ground pin is no longer backed by any plastic. It was still having trouble charging, and then I smelled the charging port and it smells like burning plastic.

    Since my phone is out of warranty, I took it apart. It looks like the USB port was burnt. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the component is behind the USB charging port? I've highlighted it with a red arrow. Also, it seemed that there may have been a little water damage to this phone. I bought it used and I've used it for more than a year without getting it wet, but it seems like 2 resistors have corroded away. Is it possible for anyone to tell me what ohm are the 0201 resistors that I've pointed to with the black arrows? I have a collection at work so I could just replace them, but I would like to know what they are. Otherwise I'll just make a guess.Anyone super nice want to check a few components for me?-arrows.jpg

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    01-05-2016 11:19 PM

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