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    I recently dropped my phone. Since I've said that, and you probably read the title, I think you can guess what happened. Yup. My screen is broke. I need help transferring files from my phone (Moto X 1st Gen Republic Wireless Android 4.4.2) to my PC (Windows 7 Professional). Here's the catch. My screen is cracked and I cannot see what I am doing, but the touch part still works pretty well and I have voice commands available. I cannot just plug it into my computer, because there is something wrong with the port on my phone, and no matter what cord I use, Windows fails to recognize the device. It also takes a few tries to get it to start charging. I have TeamViewer, Mega, and Google Drive installed on my phone, along with TeamViewer on my computer. A screen repair is expensive, so I don't see that as an option. I also have a Google Chromecast, and Google TalkBack came pre-installed on my phone, and I have it updated to the latest version, assuming they didn't update it in the last three days, but I do not have it enabled in the accessibility settings, nor have I ever used it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Just a short summary of what I have to work with:
    1. One Moto X 1st Gen with Republic Wireless's custom firmware using Android 4.4.2 (Has TeamViewer, Mega, Google Drive, and Google TalkBack installed)
    2. Zero screens that will show you what you are doing
    3. One cracked screen that still has touch capabilities
    4. Google Now voice commands
    5. A micro-USB port that is (seemingly) incapable of being recognized by Windows, and only charges half the time
    6. One Google Chromecast

    Again, any help with my situation would be greatly appreciated.
    04-15-2016 04:35 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The simplest option is Team Viewer - but you need a working screen to get it running. Any other option requires that you can see the screen first.

    More complex (and costly option) - have a shop replace the screen with one that doesn't work so well, but isn't broken and does work to some extent.
    04-15-2016 05:48 PM

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