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    i could be reading or composing an email or txt, and suddenly the window exits to the Lock or Home screen (without crashing the app aka the app is still open/running where i left off - i just have to navigate back to it). some days constantly, some days less frequently but irritating and it impacts productivity.

    going on for weeks, first logged in 3/16/18. was getting 'process system not responding', 2 sec delays on all buttons, 1 sec on camera shutter.

    after research, and safe mode (which worked fine), installed nova launcher, that didn't clear it, in fact, in got worse, system self-rebooting

    one day it finally locked up 100% would not do anything, so did factory reset, that didn't clear the random soft OS crashes to lock/home screens.

    no change, some days apps even randomly open to blank page as if loading more.

    android 7.0
    Moto G5 Plus
    security patch: 3/1/18
    build: NPNS25.137-93-8
    04-20-2018 01:14 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    That's a 5 year old phone running an 18 month old system. What you're getting is the reason people update phones - the phone probably can't handle Nougat that well.

    As for what's happening, what else would you like the phone to do if the app you're running crashes? Hard lock, so you have to trash the phone? It's like a program in Windows crashing to the desktop (or even rebooting). Granted, there should be some user-friendly error message, but if the app tries to execute memory that's not there, or does something else that the phone can't handle, it has very little choice but to just drop to system level. Which is the home screen if the lockscreen timeout hasn't passed, or the lockscreen if it has.

    Why is it different on different days? Probably because you're running a different series of apps on different days. (Making a phone call, then checking your email isn't the same as checking your email, then making a phone call.)

    Oh, and you do use the Back button when you're done using an app, right? Not the Home button? Run 6 apps, using the Home button when you're finished with each of the first 5, and Android considers all 6 to still be active. Use the Back button each time and only the one you're using now is active. A lot less work for Android.
    04-20-2018 02:02 PM
  3. wolfmagic's Avatar
    doesn't matter, google apps, and 3rd party, they look like they're crashing, but the apps don't crash at all as i can nav back to them in their open state as i last left them. so its only the OS on the fritz skips jumps glitches and spits you out.

    the phone is new, purchased may 2017, still under warranty. so much for the buy new gear theory.

    today the phone had a bad case of it, got very hot in my hand for no reason, used an IR heat meter on its face and it was 120F/49C. so i powered it off.

    the new session is much more stable, even with all the same 8 apps open, installed COOLER MASTER app to monitor heat/memory and use your backbutton tip (the backbutton is new on this phone as of a few weeks ago when i factory reset it trying to get rid of this problem).

    the new session went 2-3 days fine, reasonably responsive, then started slowing and glitching out. used 'clear all' to close all open apps but it soft crashed a minute later. powered it off to clear the problem. CM says anything under 36C ok.

    all ok for a day, next day CM app warned of a cpu heat issue at 36.8C listed 7 culprit apps to close to 'cool cpu' 3-4 of which i never/rarely ever click on to open/use (they just run against my will in background so i need to force them to stop): FB MSG, inputting+, the weather channel, myshake. so i uninstalled inputting+, turned off background data for the rest. a few days later phone continues to overheat, so i force stop them all. next day CM warns of cpu overheating due to 3 apps: FB MSG, the weather channel, myshake.

    with a week left on warranty and all 3 apps force stopped and phone still overheating (which comes earlier than the glitching) its time to take it back.
    04-22-2018 09:06 PM
  4. olegm's Avatar
    It's too bad that this is in the Moto X thread channel, since this is a Moto G5 Plus.

    I'm having nearly the same issue:

    I am running nearly the exact same device/build, with the exception of security patch (mines newer). and I am having This exact same issue. I don't as much overheating as OP. I have a a lot of the sudden 'crashing' to the lock screen.

    I put crashing in quotes, because the app I'm using when that occurs, is still running exactly where I left it once I log in again.

    Extremely frustrating and I've been putting up with it for a while now, but I'm

    android 7.0
    Moto G5 Plus
    security patch: 8/1/18
    build: NPNS25.137-93-8
    10-30-2018 10:28 AM

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