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    First off, I had a Nexus 5x (which I loved) and it has been on Fi for over 2 years. I travel a lot internationally and got it for the wifi calling. Unfortunately it when into a boot loop a few days ago and is being shipped to the LG repair center (after support calls to Fi and LG)

    I was going to buy a new phone via Fi, but I am in Asia for the next 2 months and Fi won't ship outside the US...

    I am currently in Bangkok and bought an unlocked Moto X4 (as this is supported by Fi) and popped in my sim and was happy (I though everything worked) until I tried to make a wifi call today. After checking some Moto's forums I am trying to figure out if my current Moto sw is preventing the wifi calling. It is Android 8.0.0 with a Moto version of OPW27.57-40.

    You would think it would be easy to go back to the retailer, but the English / Thai translation is not as precise as I would hope.

    Is there a way to get another version of the sw? Maybe Android One or something that will support wifi calling?

    02-10-2018 09:33 AM

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