1. SteelSteve's Avatar
    OK this may be a noob type question, but when it comes to Android I guess I am. Via bluetooth I've connected my phone to my cars UConnect system. When the phone connects to the car I get a notification telling me the device is configured to read my messages and gives me an option to select not now if I don't want it to (which of course I don't select). However when ever anyone sends me a text I get no verbal notification and opportunity to have the text read aloud. I did notice that driving mode settings (which I only seem to be able to find when I'm attached to the car) there is a section that says something like enabled devices that Android will add and remove from automatically and its blank. I can find no way to manually add the car's UConnect to this area and to be honest I'm not even sure if I need to. Am I missing something, or does Android not offer this feature at this time?
    09-07-2016 12:47 PM
  2. osubeavs728's Avatar
    It does have the ability to display notifications and read texts via the head unit, at least on some cars. I know that it works in my truck.

    So it could be dependent on whether or not your head unit supports the current version of Android.

    Also, something weird, try having the screen unlocked and on when receiving a text to see if it then displays. The first couple of times I paired this phone it wouldn't show the texts without the screen being on. It eventually worked itself out and now works as normal, Screen off and locked.
    09-08-2016 12:03 PM
  3. YAYTech's Avatar
    I'm not familiar with UConnect at all, so I can't really be specifically helpful, but osubeavs728's suggestion of trying it with the screen already unlocked is a good one. A number of folks have had frustration with using hands-free features, because the features end up getting blocked by the phone needing unlocked. You can set up "trusted places" and "trusted devices", so (for example) when the phone is linked to the car stereo, it doesn't require being unlocked, because it's in a known location. If this isn't set up, it can block a lot of features in effort to try to keep your device/info secure.
    09-08-2016 05:37 PM
  4. SteelSteve's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll try unlocking the phone. I also suspect some incomparability as when I try to download my contacts list to the head unit it tells me something along the lines of the phone is not compatible with the head unit, but I can make and receive calls via the head unit so I'm not real sure. Thanks again for the ideas.
    09-08-2016 07:33 PM

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