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    Thought I'd share this in case anyone else would find it useful.
    I picked up the inta-share projector, but wanted to be able to use it for meetings/etc as well as projecting Netflix on the wall...

    Nothing I found on Motorola information, or at the local store (two employees there have the insta-share, but had never tried to use it with a computer) was any help.
    So I went on a search..
    After trying several of the ones I found on App Store (there are 1000's more to send your phone screen TO the pc, but pc TO phone...not so much), I found most of them either dont work at all (crash the app on Windows 10 as soon as the phone connects, even though they insist its compatible), or are shaky in performance and have varying costs, usually around $6-$9, with at least one not telling you WHAT it costs anywhere on the play store or its web site... just a 'buy' button (?!)

    Anyway, I came across 'Spacedesk'. It is a Beta program (and free), but I have had no problems with it so far.
    You install a small app on the computer (I have it on a Surface Pro64 and an Asus T100TAF, both running the latest Windows 10), it runs in the background.
    You install the client on the phone (I have it on the Z Force and my Nexus7(2013) tablet). When you are connected to the same WIFI, the Android side will show the available 'server' IP addresses. Select the one you want to use and thats it. You can configure the android to be the 'monitor 2', and PowerPoint picked it up and used it as the presentation display perfectly.
    Spacedesk also (it started out with this purpose) will allow you to use a second PC as a second monitor for your computer. So if you have an extra computer/monitor, but your pc only has one monitor plug, you can still get dual monitors.

    If you have the insta-share, this definitely makes it more worth the price and much more useful.

    My only suggestion so far on this app, is if they can make it connect thru Bluetooth, so you can do presentations on the insta-share without having to be around a WIFI that you can connect to.

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    10-25-2016 06:04 PM
  2. canonBoy's Avatar
    Cool app find man! I tried it out (not with the projector) with the Z and my desktop! Kinda cool!
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    10-25-2016 10:49 PM
  3. onedartech's Avatar
    Great find! Going to give this a try.
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    10-26-2016 12:43 PM

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