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    Moto Z Force - Android 7.0

    If you have seen my posts before you know I'm having some issues with my phone. A tech said I should try to do a factory reset...which sounds scary!! :-( I have the instructions on how to do the backup, reset & restore via the Google Cloud, but I want to make a physical backup on my laptop just to be safe. I learned the hard way after an iPhone backup file was corrupted & I lost a years worth of data to always have a back-up to a back-up! I looked around & Helium seems to be a good option for non-rooted phones to use to make a back-up of my phone. I have the phone app & the desktop app running. I "enabled USB Debugging" as per instructed. Now it wants me to "enable Camera (PTP) mode". I looked everywhere in my setting & I don't see that option. Now the phone app is waiting for my desktop App & my desktop app just says " waiting for device". What am I missing? What can I do to make a hard-copy of my phone back-up on my PC?
    06-12-2017 04:05 PM
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    Mod note: Moved from "Asked A Question" to "Moto Z Force" forum for better visibility.
    06-12-2017 04:29 PM

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