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    This is my first time in the forums, so I apologize if this is posted on the wrong area.
    I just recently lost my Droid Turbo (running Marshmallow) to an unfortunate accident, and upgraded to the Moto Z Force (running Nougat). So far I'm pleased with everything about it, except the Google photos app that replaced Gallery, which I loved.
    I really do not like Google photos at all, and Gallery is not compatible with the Z Force, so I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a gallery/photo app that is similar to the old Gallery.
    I'm really looking for something simple and preferably without cloud backup, or at least with an easy way to disable any backup. I do not have any wish to store my photos or videos anywhere other than my phone or SD card.
    Thanks for taking the time to read this and for any advice you might have!
    07-06-2017 12:45 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. I moved your post to the Moto Z forum as that will most likely get you better responses than the Nougat forum

    Mod Note: Moved for better visibility.
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    07-06-2017 12:58 AM
  3. jdf13's Avatar
    Thank you! :-)
    07-06-2017 01:04 AM
  4. turbochgd's Avatar
    I never liked the Google Photos app either. Try QuickPic. I've been using it for years and really like it.
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    07-06-2017 02:42 AM
  5. Matty's Avatar
    I never liked the Google Photos app either. Try QuickPic. I've been using it for years and really like it.
    Firstly, Warm welcome to AndroidCentral @jdf13 great to have you. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    I would have to disagree and then agree.

    (Disagree) I quite like Google Photos and it does the job wonderfully for me. Backing up photos is easy and I have 15GB free storage space.

    (Agree) I would also say try QuickPic. There have been great reviews about it with loads of features. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ It's also at the low low price of Free. Haha.
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    07-06-2017 02:53 AM
  6. Bitterman's Avatar
    Welcome and add me to the QuickPic crowd as well. Been using it for years too!
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    07-06-2017 06:05 AM
  7. benjamminh's Avatar
    Gallery is actually available and compatible with the. Z Force. You just need to know where to find it. I don't find it significantly better than Google photos though. https://forum.xda-developers.com/z2-...t3617488/page3

    As always, your mileage may vary. Install at your own risk.
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    07-06-2017 07:54 AM
  8. sangs's Avatar
    Pretty sure that you can turn off the automatic backup with Google Photos.
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    07-06-2017 09:43 AM
  9. jdf13's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone! I will definitely give QuickPic a try.

    @benjamminh - thanks for tip, but I prefer to stick with what comes from the official store, I've had really bad luck in the past with downloads from unknown sources and stay clear of them these days, especially with a brand new phone that is (at the moment) bug free.
    @sangs - you are correct in that there is an option to turn off cloud back up. The cloud wasn't really the issue I was having with Google pics, I only mentioned it in my original post to say that it wasn't something I was looking for in a recommendation. It's more the layout and the organization of Google pics I don't care for. To each their own :-)
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    07-06-2017 01:56 PM
  10. jdf13's Avatar
    I want to thank you all for your help! I went with QuickPic and am loving it so far. Thanks again!
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    07-16-2017 07:37 PM
  11. djousma's Avatar
    I like quickpic, but Norton flagged it as suspicious, sending data overseas. I found F-Stop which seems pretty decent.
    07-31-2017 11:17 AM

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