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    I wanted to show a comparison between the MotoX Pure using HDR, the Moto Z Force using the native app with HDR auto and HDR on, compared to Force using the NX camera app HDR auto and HDR+.

    It's meant to be a torture test of sorts. The focus point is always the dog's head but then with three light sources, two windows and a lamp. Naturally the Moto X Pure struggles although HDR helps. The Force struggles with both apps on HDR auto. But what really makes the biggest difference is the HDR+ mode. It is able to avoid blowing out the bright light sources while still allowing the dog's head to be seen.
    07-11-2017 06:33 PM
  2. benjamminh's Avatar
    07-11-2017 06:35 PM
  3. benjamminh's Avatar
    07-11-2017 06:41 PM
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    1. I don't think that this is a good test. I'd delete a photo like this if I took it. It seems uninteresting to me.
    2. I like the first one most. Of the last two, I like the middle one more than the last one. My eye is not drawn to the back of the dog's head, but to the items along the back wall and the furniture. And the first photo I think captures that best. The lamp is overexposed and harsh in the last two photos, especially the last, as is the light in the window.

    I have no idea which photo is which (X Pure, Z Force stock, and HDR+).
    07-12-2017 11:33 AM
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    Top photo above is the camera NX HDR+ . The middle is the Z Force app HDR on and bottom is HDR auto. I've also labeled all the photos in the album I posted.
    07-12-2017 12:00 PM
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    Middle photo is the best one, IMO.

    The best photo in the photo album is row 7, last photo in the row. I believe this photo is the same one as the middle photo above.

    The top photo suffers from damping down the light too much--it's just not that dark in the room. It is a sunny day outside and there is sunlight coming in from the window next to the dog's head. Surely the lamp throws off more light. But you wouldn't know that by the top photo. Also, take a look at the area under the window in the top photo--plenty of noise in those dark areas. The front of the chair's seat cushion is a matrix of pixels. Look at the rug in the area in front of the chair and under the window--a smudgy, smear of pixels. Yuck. (Best seen on the photo in row 5, shot #1 on photo grid page.)
    07-12-2017 03:15 PM
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    Thanks for the feedback. Of course I do have the advantage of being in the room taking the photos. The NX app was decompiled from the Google pixel app. I think you'll see a significant difference how the windows are handled. The pixel camera app does run a little darker at times. As for the lamp, I would say the light would be between the top and middle. I found it interesting. For outdoor photos most of the time the Force native app on HDR auto gives the most consistently good photos.
    07-12-2017 05:58 PM

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