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    Well last month I paid off my Moro Z Force. It has always run very well and I had no interest in getting a new phone. I was going to enjoy a lower bill and use the Force as long as possible. But....

    I put my Force down on my computer desk Monday night, and it was fine. Famous last words, lol. A few minutes later I try to use it and get nothing. It appears to be off. I get it to turn on and it just hangs on the Moto splash screen. Power cycle it again and get the same result. Shut down and then go into recovery to clear the cache partition. Didn't think this would do anything but what the heck. No change. While in recovery I notice it says there's no Baseband. That can't be good, lol.

    Time for drastic measures. Back into recovery and do a full factory reset. Phone starts up and I get the initial configuration screens.. And some glimmer of hope. It gets to where you connect to wifi...but it's not picking up any wifi at all. Then the phone freezes up! Repeat the process with the same result. :-(

    Go online and see Verizon has the Moto Z3 on sale. Normally $20 month, now $11 and change a month. I order it online for store pickup, and picked the Z3 up Tuesday morning. I have it all set up now and so far so good. Very snappy and great battery life.

    I had hoped to put getting a new phone off for a while but it was not meant to be. I'll be paying maybe $3 less a month than I was and have a new phone to boot though. I also am trading in my Force and got $42 for it. It is in like new condition physically, and they just say the phone should turn on, have a good battery, and not have a cracked screen, and I meet those criteria.

    The Force served me for 2 years, long live the Force, lol!!
    01-23-2019 01:10 AM
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    Use the Force Luke!
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    01-23-2019 08:09 AM

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