08-09-2016 09:44 AM
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    I get that. That Nexus 6 should have had the fingerprint sensor on the back. It made sense for every Moto X to have it on the back right at the dimple too.

    But the design of the MotoMods can't allow for a rear fingerprint sensor. And this is a Moto Z, not a Moto X.

    Let me break down the circle of negativity and bitterness.

    Fingerprint sensor should have been on the back.

    You can't do that with the current design of the MotoMods.

    MotoMods are stupid. They gimped the Moto Z just so they can upsell you on mods.

    So you just want a new Moto X?

    Yes! Lenovo ate Motorola's soul. This ain't Moto!!!

    But Moto historically has tried some crazy stuff.

    But mods are stupid. The Moto X stood for something.

    The first gen was overpriced and underspec'ed. The second got bigger and dropped some carriers. The third gen had two phones, wait make that three. They sold two of them to Verizon and had zero carriers for the Style/Pure.

    Whatever. The Moto Z isn't what I want so it's an automatic fail.

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    08-09-2016 09:44 AM
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