08-09-2016 01:51 PM
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  1. YAYTech's Avatar
    To me I don't think the Z is selling as well as it should, but I have no hard numbers to back that up. Just personal observations and my opinion. Now the "force" seems to be selling a lot better. It is easy to see that forum is much more chatty also. It's early and maybe when more mods come out things will pick up.
    I'm in your situation as far as debating a new device to get. I like the specs of the force better especially the battery. Some are complaining about how easily the plastic screen scratches. That doesn't sound to good. I'd prefer glass myself as I'm easy on phones. If I were buying one today I'd consider the Z with the battery pac mod. I just don't like the idea of two pieces being held together. I'd much prefer a mono-block with the proper battery to begin with. Seems a dirt catcher between the pieces to me, also the added weight.
    So I'm also waiting on the new Nexus devices and will see what they bring to the table.
    Verizon selling the new Nexus makes me think updates will be slower coming, but don't know that, just their past history to go by.
    I haven't actually seen anyone say their screen on the Zf has scratches easily. It was mostly assumed so because that was the case on the Turbo2, which also had shattershield. They've supposedly tried to improve it. Time will tell if they have. Many, including myself, put a glass screen protector on just in case.

    The mods hold on nice & tight. I can't see dirt collecting too much between the layers. Maybe around the edges a little, but it's super easy to pull the mod off & wipe it down. And if you'd prefer one with a big battery to begin with, that's the Z Force. It's easily a full day battery even for semi-heavy users.
    08-09-2016 11:59 AM
  2. cbreze's Avatar
    @YAYTech, thanks, yeah the force is more on my radar just for the battery size alone. Gonna get some hands on with one soon.
    08-09-2016 12:44 PM
  3. Ry's Avatar
    Small edit to the title.
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    08-09-2016 01:51 PM
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