1. cronikk's Avatar
    I found threads saying the Gear S2 should be compatible with the Moto Z based on it's 1.5gb of RAM, but it's really the determining factor on whether or not I buy the watch.

    Anyone know from experience?
    09-17-2016 08:00 PM
  2. sahmad88's Avatar
    My Gear S2 works perfectly fine with my Moto Z. No issues here. I have a Verizon 3G model.
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    09-17-2016 11:33 PM
  3. MartinMPL's Avatar
    I believe it's designed to work with Android (not just Galaxy phones etc from Samsung), the RAM will have nothing to do with it.

    The Gear S2 is Tizen based not Android, if that makes any difference to you. You may want to check out the functions if you haven't already.
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    09-18-2016 03:05 AM
  4. cronikk's Avatar
    This is what I have as well. Perfect. I'll get it tomorrow. Thanks!
    09-18-2016 10:00 PM

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