1. 312MotoGus's Avatar
    I’m considering a Moto Z or Z Play in a few months, when I’ve paid off my Moto X Pure Edition (and convinced my wife that I need a Moto Z Play, despite still having a perfectly good MXPE). One of the things that concerns me about the Z family is the AMOLED display and their susceptibility to burn-in.

    I had an original Moto X for about 18 months, and by the time I upgraded to my MXPE that OG X had some heinous burn-in; you could read the numbers from the clock, see the wifi indicator, etc., all burned into the screen. I love AMOLED, especially with Moto Display, but having experienced it, I will not tolerate burn-in on a $700+ phone, or even $400.

    Anyone running a newer AMOLED screen for a year or so, such as a 2014 Moto X, have any burn-in? Is there something notably “better” about new AMOLED screens that prevents burn-in?

    Many thanks!
    09-29-2016 06:11 PM
  2. MartinMPL's Avatar
    I believe that AMOLED screens are more susceptible to burn in that LCDs but they are better than they used to be.

    I've not had one go wrong since the Galaxy Nexus, the Nexus One (older) was worse. I never keep a phone for more than a year though so couldn't say about two year old screens.

    I know the reason Samsung use grey for their notification bar icons is to reduce the burn in of the items like signal strength, clock and so on which are always there - so it must still be some sort of issue. I notice the Moto Z icons are brighter/whiter in this respect.
    10-01-2016 02:27 PM
  3. YAYTech's Avatar
    I never had trouble with burn-in on the Droid MAXX I had for ~2.5yr, or my Nexus 6 (though I only regularly used it for ~10 months).
    10-01-2016 09:02 PM
  4. travaz's Avatar
    I haven't heard of burn in on phones for ages.
    10-02-2016 12:24 PM
  5. MartinMPL's Avatar
    Actually with AMOLED it's not really burn as such that's the issue, it's the most used pixels wearing out unevenly.
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    10-02-2016 02:41 PM
  6. dmark44's Avatar
    What Martin said is true. My original Moto X had this problem bad after a year. It was only a problem when viewing pics, video, apps that were full screen. Lighter the colors and less contrast made it more obvious.

    At the time, Samsung had just started making Super AMOLED displays and we're keeping them to themselves. They were supposedly better at resisting this issue then and could be even better now. That's the tech in the Moto Z so I'm hoping for a big improvement
    10-03-2016 08:36 AM
  7. Ry's Avatar
    My first gen Moto X has burn-in. Used it for a solid two years.
    10-03-2016 11:56 PM
  8. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    Was pretty noticeable from nav bar on my Nexus 6 after only a couple months. Got a new warranty replacement and used immersive mode to prevent future issues.
    10-04-2016 12:19 AM

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