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    Truly. I regret buying this thing 2 years ago. Since then I have had nothing but issues. In January, the phone for no apparent reason just stopped turning on. It was under warranty however so after 4 weeks I was able to get a new one. Now, just now, I went to turn the phone on as I have done billion times before, and it's doing the same thing again. Won't turn on at all. And now it is continually vibrating every few seconds. This phone and it's 800$ price tag, is absolute garbage. I now have either the choice of going without a phone, which I can't do because I need it if nothing for my work, or I can wait another 4 weeks for the same model that is obviously not worth 10$, much less $800. I don't even know why I bought this POS in the first place. I wish there was some way to take it back but there just isn't. I'm stuck with a phone that's just gonna keep breaking down for no reason and I'm so incredibly sick of it. And if I buy another phone, what am I to do? Hope that it works? because the people who design these things are obviously not interested in anything resembling quality. I don't understand how you can design a phone that is clearly garbage and charge 800$ for it. I just don't understand this rip off business. I mean, isn't the better practice to make products people will want so they buy more? Instead it seems like they think they have too many customers so they have to drive down sales by making faulty products. I simply don't understand the business world, but I do know I'm sick of it. I'm so ******* sick of it.
    10-29-2018 06:10 PM

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