1. gheedsgreed's Avatar
    My wife has a Moto x 2nd gen (on Verizon) and I'm looking for upgrade for her. She loves the gestures and voice commands on her Moto, so would the Moto Z Play be a good upgrade for her? Also, should I buy the power pack moto mod, since she tends to run her phone until its' dead. Are there any mods that are really worth the money? Thanks for your help!
    10-07-2016 01:13 PM
  2. benjamminh's Avatar
    I think the Play is a great fit for her usage. It has the nice Moto features and battery life is amazing. Most people say you literally can't kill it in a day unless that's your mission in life. For most people the battery mod would be unnecessary, but could give one a four day phone with normal use. Unless she needs the best camera or the absolute fastest processor or the absolute best screen the Z Play is a great choice.
    10-07-2016 02:31 PM

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