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    Well, this was unfortunate.

    I came back home wanting to check out what I missed on the Moto since switching to the Note8 as my daily driver.

    Imagine my shock when I saw liquid all over the Motomod pins. I was very sure the table was very dry when I set it there, so I eventually traced the culprit to a leaking A/C.

    PSA: Keep the Style Shell on when you're not using any mods-image.jpg

    Regardless, I noticed black marks around the pins. I initially thought they were just dirt marks and proceeded to try to wipe them. Sadly, they stayed on, and upon closer inspection, they were actually scorch marks, complete with tiny cracks.

    Fortunately, the phone still works and it seemed that the Motomods also work, but the presence of the scorch marks was actually quite daunting, indicating that there may have been a short.

    So my advice to anyone with any one of the Moto Z phones is to at least put a Style Shell or any cover. Sadly, neither Z2 models come with one.
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    10-06-2017 09:53 AM
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    GREAT advice! Or do as I did leave the battery mod on when not using any other mods.
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    10-06-2017 10:53 AM