1. krauster's Avatar
    My very old Note4 is not working well anymore, even after resets. I am looking for a new phone and I like the idea of the extra battery pack available on the Z3 plus I like the even screen larger size, and it is way cheaper than a Note9.

    I am curious how this works:

    How much thicker does it make the phone with the battery pack on?

    How much heavier?

    Can the phone and battery pack be charged with the battery pack attached?

    Are there folio/wallet/folding style covers that fit the Z3 with battery pack on?

    09-17-2018 08:08 PM
  2. Sus3an's Avatar
    When the battery is attached the phone is a little thicker and heavier but it's still neither thick or heavy but as far as I know, it's too thick for a case.
    But even without the battery, I can't find a case where the buttons line up, even the screen protectors don't fit right, they're too narrow. Get the ones for the Moto Z force Droid just make sure they have a clear bottom since the visible screen on the Z3 Play is larger.
    Yes, you can charge the phone with the battery attached.
    09-17-2018 08:43 PM
  3. krauster's Avatar
    yeah, checking all the cases available for the z3 play, I don't see any that mention that they are for the extra battery. I could take my chance using it with the battery and without the case but I've dropped my Note4 a lot and I'm sure it survived only because of the folio style case.
    09-17-2018 11:23 PM
  4. benjamminh's Avatar
    Just use a bumper case if you use mods a lot. If you're in the US it can be ordered from Verizon. The Z3 and Z3 Play are identical in form factor apparently.
    09-19-2018 08:16 AM
  5. Scott337's Avatar
    I concur with everything mentioned. I have owned the Z Force, Z Play, Z2 Play and Z2 Force. No one makes a case that is compatible with Moto Mods. But as mentioned Verizon does sell a bumper case that is compatible with Moto Mods. I had one on my Z Force and Z2 Force and my daughter's Z2 Play. The screen will still break if dropped in a bumper case and the phone hits just right, but it does offer some extra protection.
    09-19-2018 08:25 AM
  6. Ry's Avatar
    Are there folio/wallet/folding style covers that fit the Z3 with battery pack on?
    As far as I know - and this questions gets asked a lot - there is no case for any Z phone that covers both the battery pack and the phone.

    Best bet is to go bumper with battery pack or use the Moto Folio case/Moto Mod instead and just swap it for the battery pack if needed.
    10-19-2018 12:38 AM

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