1. bill-e's Avatar
    I have a Z1 Force...referb so almost like new. The Z3 for 11.xx/month is very tempting for Android 9 and possible 5g...and it's a new phone for $260ish.

    Should I?
    11-22-2018 02:05 PM
  2. benjamminh's Avatar
    I was in a similar position a few months ago and bought it direct from Motorola for $360. The biggest difference for me is the form factor and despite the smaller battery better battery life.I posted a pretty thorough review on a thread here and made some comparisons with the OG Z Force. I'm happy also to answer any questions.
    11-22-2018 02:47 PM
  3. kmf1's Avatar
    The Z3 has a much smaller battery (3000) than the Z1 force (3500)
    11-22-2018 03:23 PM
  4. benjamminh's Avatar
    The Z3 has a much smaller battery (3000) than the Z1 force (3500)
    Yes it does. It also has a more efficient processor and the screen uses less power. I know this because I have both phones. Battery size isn't always everything.
    11-22-2018 04:14 PM
  5. bill-e's Avatar
    heheh, didn't wait for you answers and ordered one. It's 11.67/month (280.08) (existing line, no trade) and since my Z Force is essentially new I figure if I don't like it I'll just swap the sim cards back.

    I do want another year of android upgrades and may try the 5g when available.
    benjamminh and kmf1 like this.
    11-22-2018 06:22 PM

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