1. KeithLa's Avatar
    Anyone else experiencing sudden battery drain on their Moto Z2 Force? Mine is on Verizon in Seattle area. Had been getting solid 12+ hour days with 3-4 hours screen time, but today I'm at 42% in under 4 hours of barely any use.

    Haven't installed any new or unusual apps lately, just the security updates pushed recently by Moto and Verizon.

    Using GSAM Battery Monitor Pro to analyze, though no specific app utilization seems problematic.
    02-04-2019 02:30 PM
  2. Scott337's Avatar
    Mine is still running pretty strong
    02-04-2019 02:39 PM
  3. B. Diddy's Avatar
    What's the weather been like? If it's been pretty cold (i.e., below freezing) and you've been using it outside a fair amount, that can lead to significant drops in battery charge.
    02-04-2019 08:22 PM
  4. AdamInTx's Avatar
    Mine started doing the same exact thing once I got the January Security Update. However in addition to my battery draining quickly I'm also having issues where it starts shutting down randomly. When you try to reboot it says the battery is at 0%. Plug in to a charger and it immediately states the correct battery % and lets you boot. Its getting a bit worry some though as it started out doing this shut-down thing at about 15% and then around 30 and now it starts doing it at around 50. Looking on the morotola forums this is a pretty common thing and the support people there tend to go in the following order

    1. Battery calibration
    That didn't work? Try:
    2. Try safe mode
    That didn't work? Try:
    3. Factory reset but then don't install any apps after the reset
    That didn't work? Try
    4. Send it in for warranty
    Not in warranty anymore?
    5. Ignore you and tell another owner with the exact same issue to try steps 1-3

    I bought this phone because the Motorola Razr was one of my favorite phones ever and MS was killing of Windows Phone. I had some concerns because at two places I've worked Lenovo products have been the worst I've ever seen quality wise but I decided to go ahead anyway due to the Motorola name. Looks like I made a mistake and need to live with it for 7 more months until this thing is paid off.
    02-26-2019 10:52 AM
  5. KeithLa's Avatar
    Looks like I made a mistake and need to live with it for 7 more months until this thing is paid off.
    Good news: No you didn't, and no you don't! :-) I just had my battery replaced for $90 at a local mom & pop mobile repair shop, i.e. the same type of shop that replaces shattered screens, lots of those around.

    Right after my original post above on Feb 4, my Z2 also began exactly the behavior you describe, shutting down randomly at higher and higher battery levels, esp. outdoors in the cold, and when starting camera, which causes a power draw spike.

    Those symptoms were clear indication the battery was going bad, and in fact, the repair tech told me it was swollen when he removed it, always a potentially dangerous sign with lithium ion batteries. He sees most mobile batteries lasting under three years nowadays, closer to 1-2 years for heavy users. I'm definitely one of those, daily video viewing, audio listening, phone calls. He also says he feels turbo/fast charge batteries don't last as long, and don't like to be regularly depleted below 20%, which I've heard as well.

    FWIW, I had exactly this same experience with my Moto Droid Turbo 2, which needed battery replacement in about a year and a half as well, with the exact same "fall off the cliff" behavior as this Z2.
    02-26-2019 01:45 PM

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