1. nokomis34's Avatar
    Ok, so far I really like this phone. But after a few years with my Turbo 2, I'm finding the active display on the Z2 Force really bad and annoying.

    I hate the way that it turns on every 5 seconds, in the dark, on the table. I absolutely have to turn this phone upside down or off at night. I loved my Turbo 2 as a bedside clock. Its off most of the time, but if I wanted the time, I just wave my hand over my nightstand and the active display would turn on, telling me the time. Also, did they remove the IR sensor? This phone doesn't seem nearly as responsive to waving my hand over it as the Turbo 2, which oddly is a feature I really grew accustomed to.

    The other thing that really bugs me about this Active Display, is that its not completely black outside of the information you're looking at. There's a blue gradient at the top that makes the screen way too bright.

    Anyone else notice this? Is there any way to fix sensitivity?
    08-22-2017 03:40 PM
  2. tdrus1's Avatar
    Agree with all of your complaints. Way too sensitive to motion. I've had mine come on on the nightstand a few times as well, although not a consistent issue. I could do without the blue gradient. It would be great if the sensitivity/bug fixes were as simple as an update to the Moto app...we'll see.
    08-23-2017 03:00 PM
  3. Clancy Kelahan's Avatar
    yes, I am also having this problem. Very annoying, coming on all the time at night in a dark room across from my bed on the table because cars are driving past and the ambient light in the room is changing slightly. But way too sensitive

    and then doesn't turn on when I wave my hand over it on a bright sunny day. unless I really wave my hand like 5 times right in front of it, but then why don't I just press the button on the side and save some time
    08-25-2017 04:35 PM
  4. nokomis34's Avatar
    I've turned Active Display off since writing this, and after being used to it from the Turbo 2, I find it's a feature I really miss. I think I'm going to look into some always on apps. Ironic that I have to look at a third party solution on a phone that it should be native to.
    08-29-2017 06:10 PM
  5. o4liberty's Avatar
    I am usually asleep so it doesn't bother me at all.
    09-06-2017 10:00 AM
  6. nokomis34's Avatar
    Its bright enough to keep me awake, or wake me up.
    09-07-2017 06:38 PM

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