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    I have been puzzled all day why the notification light doesn't blink when a message arrives. This is the only way I can tell when I get a message in vibrate mode... I can't have my phone beeping all day while in the office.

    So I did a search... The claim is this phone doesn't have notification lights and relies on Moto Display? Great except the display only shows me a clock... No mention of what the notification may be about. The notification light is normally multicolored so I can color code it per app. I have the feature on and no apps are blocked. Is there something else I am missing?

    Oh it also doesn't vibrate on notification so I can't just set it on my desk and listen for the buzz. Yes it is on. Yes it works if I am u locked and using the phone. But if I lock screen and leave it sitting there, I get utter silence from it. I turned vibration strength up to maximum.
    09-21-2017 01:43 PM
  2. ChuckInNH's Avatar
    Well I have been experimenting with it at home sending messages to myself from the PC. The active display seems to be mostly doing what I like now. Icons appear for notifications. My only complaint now is the display activates if I wave my hand over it but not if I just leave it sitting there. I would like it to flash something at me regularly if there are any notifications even if I am not waving at it.

    I did see the play store has many apps that claim to activate the LED or even the flash bulb for notifications but I see quite a lot of negative comments about root being required and doesn't work on all phones. So I haven't tried any of those yet.

    If I can solve that, my new phone will be near perfect. (Perfection achieved by finding a case with a kickstand that also won't interfere with adding mods. I'm guessing I can't meet all those goals simultaneously.)
    09-21-2017 07:02 PM
  3. kingstu's Avatar
    there is an Indiegogo mod that will eventually be released called The Edge mod which is basically a notification strip that can be adjusted for colors and pulses and things like that. perhaps you can look into that when it becomes available later this year or early next year
    09-21-2017 09:37 PM
  4. Morty2264's Avatar
    Hello! While it's true that some of those apps may not work as desired, or may require rooting, I'd still recommend downloading one and give it a try! One trick I always do is look at the number of download the app in question has. If it's had a lot, then chances are it's an app that either works well most of the time or is trusted enough that masses of Android users will download it and use it. Of course, there's always an exception, but if you see an app that has 10,000 downloads, at least you know it could be good enough to be of use to 10,000 users!
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    09-22-2017 02:23 PM

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