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  1. dpham00's Avatar has the att z2 force for $100. No contract or payment plan needed.
    12-06-2018 08:25 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Thanks.They're selling for over $200 on Swappa.
    12-06-2018 12:00 PM
  3. udazavlanje's Avatar
    I ordered it at 4am yesterday and late last night received an email from Motorola saying that it was cancelled. Of course at that time it was out of stock and price shown was 720. I contacted CS this morning and now waiting on on a response from different department, since CS didn't know why.
    12-07-2018 11:08 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    They're dumping old ones, not only the Z2 Force. I went to buy another one this morning, but no AT&T or TMO.
    12-07-2018 11:49 AM
  5. udazavlanje's Avatar
    They're dumping old ones, not only the Z2 Force. I went to buy another one this morning, but no AT&T or TMO.
    How many did you get yesterday?
    I was stupid enough to order 4 (for the whole family). Maybe that's why they cancelled my order. Idk
    12-07-2018 04:37 PM
  6. udazavlanje's Avatar
    Final response
    Attached Thumbnails AT&T Motorola Z2 Force 0 No Contract-213973.jpg  
    12-07-2018 05:12 PM
  7. Rukbat's Avatar
    How many did you get yesterday?
    Just the one - I should have ordered 2 or 3 to sell 1 or two.But I've downloaded TWRP and the stock ROM, and saved a link to the bootloader unlock page, so I'm all set (except for ordering a case, which I will after it arrives, scheduled for the 17th).
    12-07-2018 05:25 PM
  8. kingstu's Avatar
    I don't believe the AT&T version is bootloader unlockable. They're like Verizon in this regard.
    12-07-2018 05:28 PM
  9. udazavlanje's Avatar
    As I said earlier, i think that your order would have been cancelled like mine. Their late explanation shown in this email above is more than questionable. I ordered it at 4:30 PST am, had a smooth checkout process and email confirmation for the order. At the point in time , they knew well enough the inventory. And make it more obvious, the cancellation notice came in very late 20:30 PST - They operate on CST. So, they basically prioritized based on some factors. Maybe 2+ was a flag for resellers or something. Then. that doesn't make sense neither, because their ultimate goal was to clear the stock. Who knows...
    12-07-2018 10:50 PM
  10. Rukbat's Avatar
    Well, the next day, the only version they had left was Verizon, so maybe I got the last one?

    As for the bootloader, we'll see. It's not Samsung, it's not Google, but if every manufacturer is going to go that route, I'll be through buying AT&T phones. (I won't buy Verizon - the plans are too expensive, and I can't stand how CDMA "goes digital". I've been handling radio noise for decades, but that underwater sound got to me from the very first Verizon digital phone. I don't get seasick [not even in a nor'easter that has everyone rushing to the rail] but I get 'CDMA-sick;.)
    12-08-2018 12:00 PM
  11. udazavlanje's Avatar
    FYI by the end of the year , Verizon is shutting down CDMA network - goes GSM LTE only.
    They are pricier, but well worth it. Who needs a phone if you can't use when you need it. I regret switching to ATT and can't wait for the instalment (BOGO) to be over, so I can run back. Also, Verizon certified for VoLTE way more factory unlocked devices than ATT , so my idea of better choice (for switching) was terrible.
    02-12-2019 04:06 PM
  12. cjreyes666's Avatar
    Anyone catched the 129.99 promo at
    02-13-2019 07:23 PM
  13. udazavlanje's Avatar
    I did. Finally. I desperately needed a reliable phone certified for VoLTE on ATT. It was showing out of stock for a few hours in the morning but I refreshed the page few dozen of times in 1 hour and managed to snatch both colors. Though, to make sure I don't blow it like last time, I made 2 separate orders. I was still sceptical, but later I gotta a shipping confirmation.
    In the meantime, I found another (better) phone for cheap and won't need the gold one anymore. So, I'll post it for sale as soon as it arrives.
    02-17-2019 10:24 AM
  14. cjreyes666's Avatar
    Got tired of waiting, and just got a Note 9 for less of 500 brand new.
    02-17-2019 07:41 PM
  15. udazavlanje's Avatar
    02-18-2019 05:36 PM

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