1. jp0213x's Avatar
    The app works great but I don't always get alerts when new mail comes in. I am not sure how to trouble shoot this problem, the yahoo notification is checked off but doesn't seem to fix much. Anyone using the yahoo mail app have this problem? I know this may not be an Admiral issue but I figure I'd ask any way.
    11-26-2011 11:58 AM
  2. chardog's Avatar
    I have the lg optimus and have this issue as well. Yahoo is crap, so I have been making the switch to google.
    11-27-2011 08:34 PM
  3. sschwa04's Avatar
    Hi, I'm an employee of Sprint and hope I can help. I have yahoo as my personal email and don't usually have problems getting my email. Network coverage does play a big part of this thought and sometimes when i'm in a low service area the delivery is delayed. Also if i think I should be receiving emails and am not getting them it helps to turn off/on the device to let it power cycle. Please let me know if this helps
    11-29-2011 01:42 PM
  4. sschwa04's Avatar
    Also, are you using the Yahoo mail app downloaded from the Market? If so, we have heard there have been some bugs. Please let me know
    11-29-2011 02:13 PM
  5. v_sprad#AC's Avatar
    I've noticed that Yahoo online logs me out after two weeks no matter what for security issues. I also notice that when this happens my yahoo mail doesn't "push" to my phone and I have to manually retrieve them. After logging back on from my computer, everything works fine.

    Just my experience
    11-30-2011 09:03 AM
  6. jp0213x's Avatar
    I am using the app from the market.
    12-13-2011 02:07 PM
  7. psiclne's Avatar
    Im having the opposite issue, I kept getting duplicate notifications for Yahoo. Its driving me nuts
    12-13-2011 08:34 PM