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    So, it's no secret that Moto went as cheap as possible with the specs for the Admiral. I have noticed that the measly 512MB gets eaten up pretty quick by apps running in the background. Do you find that the OEM installed Task Manager is adequate enough to kill apps or is there a 3rd party app that works better. I am currently using both the native Task Manager and ES Task Manager but I find that I still have to manually tell it to close apps.
    11-13-2012 03:01 AM
  2. prolongExistence's Avatar
    Hmmm, 138 views and no one has any suggestions?
    11-17-2012 05:27 AM
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    In my knowledge task killers do more bad than good. I don't use any of these apps and my phone works flawless. They probably run in the background once launched but I don't care as long as they don't cause problems. I restart my phone once or twice a day and I don't need any task managers. If Google wanted us to kill apps they would preinstall a native task manager which is not here.

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    11-17-2012 05:35 AM

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