1. Grape Drank's Avatar
    anyone know how to unbrick one of these things? I was fooling around after rooting and messed it up. I've seen some unbrick methods for the droids and all that, just wondering if a similar method would work using the 2.1 rom that just released.
    11-11-2010 08:17 AM
  2. J_HaX's Avatar
    If you still have your bricked backflip i MAY be able to help you get it back in order (NO PROMISES) what i may be able to do is flash the deblured ROM to my phone make a system and boot backup and make the file available to download. The reason for the deblur is so im not sending you my contacts and all that fun stuff! BUT what you can do if this is successful is flash the preclair ROM from the ROM manager that will be on your phone due to the backup i provide WHICH will give you motoblur back allowing to put in your acct. info and regain your contacts!

    I can give you the link and some instructions on how to possibly run the backup you will need your micro SD and a way to transfer a file to it. (i have detail instructions on how to flash the ROM on XDA-development forums and also i have not a link but the search criteria needed to do nandroid backups to prevent this in the future wihch you should do before you flash the ROM with motoblur back on your phone and again after!) just let me know if you would like to try this and i will get it setup for download! and sorry if im too late!
    12-12-2010 05:17 PM