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    Greetings Android fans!
    I am missing my cupcake. Backflip on 1.5 is better than on 2.1. I bought another phone to try de-blurred ROMs and even loaded j-r0dds recovery and CM7. All good and really tweakable, but not really much faster than 1.5, and what really bugs me is that the camera image is upside-down when the phone is flipped open. The camera is my favorite feature of this phone. No other AT&T phone has a pivoting camera. It's great for overhead or street-level shots. I love it.

    Anyway, I found another thread where someone reverted back to 1.5 from the OTA 2.1 on a Verizon phone, so I was hoping it may be possible on the Backflip/Motus/Enzo.
    I did successfully bootload the 2.1 AT&T/Motorola 3.0.1390 supermonster SBF file back into the phone (that had CM7) using RSD Lite. I first tried to load the 1.5 SBF file, but after RSD finished the process, the phone hung on Bootloader USB Init mode (I thought it was bricked). So with nothing to lose, I then tried the 2.1 SBF and it's like new again. But 1.5 had nice features, like in contacts, it sees all of your custom contacts groups, and the browser has multi-page viewing, and it is faster than 2.1.
    So if anyone has successfully reverted back to 1.5, please post! I want my cupcake back!
    10-10-2011 04:26 PM