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    I just got my motorola backflip. i bought it off ebay. it is unlocked. it has android 1.5.
    after i put in my sim card(my service provider is simple mobile), i made a motoblur account. the phone starts well enough and i can make calls and sms people and use wifi etc. but im getting a couple of problems.

    1) my service provider name is showing to be t-mobile but its actually simple mobile. it showed simple mobile in my previous phone. how do i solve this issue??

    2) when i go to contacts and then do import from sim card it says "there are no contacts in sim card". but i copied all contacts from my previous phone onto the sim card. but when i import it, it says no contacts. how should i solve this?

    p.s. : my previous phone was samsung comeback.

    can someone please help me?? it is very urgent...thanks...
    10-20-2011 09:01 PM
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    Was your previous phone a locked phone? Im pretty sure that service provider name is determined by the network and this company seems to run on t-mobiles network. Also you might want to note that because the backflip is originally an AT&T phone, your not going to get 3G service on this network

    As for your sim card , i would recommend putting it in another phone and seeing if its able to read your contacts (something other then the Comeback would be the best way to test). If its showing up on another phone I have no solution for you other then to manually copy the contacts ( i would recommend if you have to do this to create a google account and enter the information into your google contacts since they will be syncing with your phone).

    Sorry if i wasnt more help
    10-22-2011 01:35 AM
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    my previous phone was also unlocked. and it showed mobile in it. i dont know why its showing t-mobile in this phone.
    i tried on a 3rd phone to check the contacts and its showing in it.

    is my phone defected ???
    10-23-2011 06:31 PM
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    Sorry for the late reply phone never notified me of a response. Seems your phone might be defective. My gf is the currently using the BACKFLIP till we get the replacement part for her inspire and she was able to import contacts from sim but on the otherhand the BACKFLIP is running cm7 based off of gingerbread. I have no clue if that would make a difference. You can try updating to 2.1 and see if that makes a difference but I dont think so

    Sent from my ATRIX
    11-15-2011 02:27 AM

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