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    I am a new owner of Bravo phone with MotoBlur. This is a quad band phone. It is running kernel 2.6.29. It appears there is a failure to be able to run this phone in pure ipv4 mode. Of course we all know the kernel is by default IPV6 and depending on distro/company, etc that can be turned off at kernel compile or by blacklisting the IPV6 modules.

    I picked up a little app in Android Market that lets me set the DNS on device for a static ip. A netstat reveals though that tcp6 is running on all processes/services forcing a IPV4 address for dest and source. tcp/udp-4 is not running at all but all "resolved" addresses are in IPV4 format.

    There appears to be no toggle anywhere to turn on 6/4 according to your geographic area. With my phone looking for 6/4 at the same time it runs NOTORIOUSLY SLOW in wifi mode at home. Which is pretty much a requirement because ATT is OVERWHEMINGLY CHEAP ON ONLY 2GB OF DATA on their 3G/Cell line per month but skies the limit for wifi. I have not had a chance to use it at a "HotSpot" which appears is the extra extra fine print for ATT as "I'm sorry we don't support home wifi's." Maybe ATT has a special golden TCP/IP claim of the market, I don't know. But the rep who said it wasn't too intelligent.

    If there is an Andriod market app already out there that I can use to blacklist IPV6 at will that would be great. I have a feeling it is only going to be accomplished if a) I root the phone or b) Motorola actually puts out a patch enabling this toggling.

    I don't know if I should hold my breathe for the later. :rolleyes: I have personally talked to the "top" supervisor in the Motorola Tech Support department that he was going to give this to the appropriate people and they would get back to me. *G*

    11-15-2010 06:11 PM