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    copied from my xda thread:

    Hey guys, thanks for being patient. Here is this first beta release of my overclock app. Its a private beta for you guys on xda while we work out any kinks etc. Thanks to Heydabob's initial alpha testing we were able to confirm the app is functioning and the overclock works and has a real world difference.

    Currently the app offers you many rates to choose from ranging from 800mhz to 1.2ghz in 50mhz steps. It also lets you choose your max voltage VSEL rate. Stock is 56. You can even use the app to undervolt your kernel by setting your rate to 800mhz and your VSEL voltage to anything less than 56.

    So far heydabob's phone was confirmed stable at 1ghz w/ 56 (stock) VSEL. He also got stable results with 1ghz at 54 VSEL but he did get a reboot (which may or may not have been related to the overclock) In addition to a 200+ point jump in quadrant he also noticed real world speed differences using swype and his launcher app. He did not test games but I would assume the difference would also be noticeable in some instances.

    YOU MUST BE ROOTED. This is a root only app. Currently this will only run on 2.1 only! If your running 2.2 Froyo (testers of moto only right now) the app will tell you to contact me, please do! I need to get some info from someone on 2.2 to get the new addresses from the new kernel.

    Currently the Auto start on bootup is disabled because that feature is not yet complete but I decided to release it without it to make sure everything is working right before I enable that anyways. When you set the overclock you will be overclocked until you reboot, then you will go back to stock completely. If you want to be overclocked again just run the app again!

    I have tested the app quite thoroughly but please report any and all bugs and include your debug info (hit the debug info button in the app) when posting a bug report.

    DL Link:

    Update 4/9/11:

    I have uploaded the new version v1.1.2 - beta supporting Froyo 2.2 to the Android Market! It's a donate version, if you like this app and want to contribute to the continuing work on my bravo development please consider buying the donate version. It also gives you the ability to get easy updates. I will try to reward those who donate by releasing new updates like this 2.2 version to the market first and then releasing on here a couple days later.


    If you search for Bravo or Bravo overclock in the android market its the first to come up. Be sure to rate 5 stars

    UPDATE 4-14-11:

    Free Ad supported 2.2 compatible version: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13323051/bra....1.2a-beta.apk

    04-09-2011 06:13 PM

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