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    Ok I got all the bugs worked out and I think it's ready for public testing.

    May i present the first ROM for the Motorola Bravo:

    BravoX RC2 by bandroidX


    -Fully Deodexed Framework and Apps
    --Deodexed means fully themeable
    -Optimized/zip aligned apks
    -Bloatware Removed:
    --All ATT Bloat (except FM Radio app)
    --Vlingo, Where and YP
    --Vsuite voice commander is gone
    -Atrix Forest Live Wallpaper (weather changing)
    -Atrix ringtones and notifications
    -Wifi Tethering is included
    -New bootanimation thanks to heydabop!
    -Minor tweaks/enhancements
    -stock swype (deodexed) included
    -you will retain root, superuser, busybox, and bravo recovery.

    NOTE: if you have swype beta I would recommend uninstalling it first and ridding your phone of all swype beta files. then flash the rom, then remove the stock swype and its lib and then install swype beta. if you are using stock swype you can just flash the rom.


    1) Bootstrap Recovery using my bootstrap recovery app (found in the android market, search "bravo recovery")

    2) Perform a nandroid backup.

    3) Dont wipe anything!

    4) Select to flash the zip from your sdcard.

    5) reboot. the update.zip will wipe your dalvik cache for you which will slow down your next boot, let it take a while, dont pull the battery.

    6) Go to about and confirm it says bravoX RC2. The boot animation should be good proof the flash worked too

    dl link short: http://bit.ly/lFVth4

    Download Link2: http://ubuntuone.com/p/rBu/

    Enjoy! Consider flashing heydabop's battery mod, hopefully many more will use the rom as a starting point, i encourage you to make some cool flashable themes!

    You can also use my new Bravo Recovery (Bootstrap) to make your own ROM, you can use mine as a base if you'd like. Heydabop and others are working on some cool themes and status bar mods flashable via CWM. My bravo recovery comes with a custom version of CWM and is fully functional.
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    05-06-2011 05:53 PM
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    I also have something to go with the rom for those who want to make a donation and at the same time make their lives a little easier. I just put an app in the market that lets you easily enable the unknown sources check box so you can enable and disable installing non-market apps. I felt this was easier than the current method and doesnt require buying sqlite editor so that saves you some money becuase I think my app is less money It should work on all att motorola phones.
    I decided to do this after having problems getting the box to show up in the rom. In my rom i believe it should let you install non-market apps in most cases but not always and you wont get the check box to turn it on and off. And then i realized i could do it in an app so i did Its really just a makes life easier thing, so after an update or flashing a rom, or whatever you can run my app to enable it. it only requires temp root too to do the action and allows setting back to stock.


    or search for bandroidX in the market.
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    05-06-2011 05:54 PM
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    Excellent, I'll try it when I get my bravo, I buying it when it cost around 150 dollars! xD

    Thanks Bandroid!!
    06-24-2011 03:27 PM
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    I updated the ROM and after reboot all I got was the Motorola screen. After two hours I decided to remove the battery (I know, stupid move). Still all I get is the Motorola screen.
    Am I phoneless now or is there anything that can be done?
    07-11-2011 07:48 PM

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