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    My friend has a AT&T Motorola Droid Cliq2 and it's started a bunch of strange behaviors. He's not really a techy but I am and it's starting to do things that I've never seen ANY smartphone do on ANY carrier (I'm a smartphone admin for a fortune 100 business among other duties).

    He uses it primarily for:

    That's about it.

    We were sitting at a restaurant and he was getting texts from the carrier about every 8-10 minutes saying he'd used another 5 gigs of data and they were going to charge $100 for each overage.

    He went to the AT&T store and they claimed his phone had burned through 32 GIGABYTES of bandwidth in a 2.5 week period. The store clerk even said they stream Pandora all day on their phones and never come anywhere close. The AT&T folks argued with warranty replacement and said that they felt the phone was defective because nobody could figure out why it was eating so much bandwidth.

    Then, they installed a data monitoring application on his phone because warranty couldn't believe it either. Within about a week, they found that his phone wasn't using the claimed amount so they just replaced the phone outright.

    The new phone arrived yesterday.
    This morning, he got another message saying that another 5 gigs had been used and they
    were docking him ANOTHER $100.

    That's over 40 gigs for May alone! 40 gigs on a smartphone!

    Facebook, Foursquare and email. That's it. He doesn't download apps from the android market, he has a very narrow use of the device but I can't honestly figure it out.

    Is there an app or malware on the phone that might be artificially inflating his data use? Could be AT&T accounting is just plain WRONG because the data monitor on his phone is way off? The data monitor on the phone said something like 300 megs of use and AT&T says dozens of gigs.

    Anyone else run into this? He's this close -> . <- to switching to Sprint because he can't afford that kind of use every month.

    Ideas android experts?
    06-08-2012 05:36 PM