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    So, I've installed the 06042012 nightly build of CM9 [based on ICS 4.0.4 / CM7 kernel] after being left rather unimpressed by general instability and REALLY poor battery life of the previous nightly, which I suppose could have been the result of me not allowing ICS to do it's battery calibration thing but I digress...

    Not only do I now have a stable ICS build with MUCH better battery life I've noticed that the CPU is now running at 1GHz instead of the 800MHz the phone originally ran at.


    I've noticed that there's a Defy+ out now as well, which appears to have EXACTLY the same spec except for a different camera and a 1GHz CPU [which after a bit of research I suspect is exactly the same as the original Defy, there are even ROMs that set the CPU to 1.2GHz, which can apparently result in an inadvisable increase in core temperature].

    What a phone. It was marketed as a low / mid range phone and yet it totally kicks ***. At least when running a custom ROM like CM7 / 9.

    Here's the thing I don't understand:

    Why is it that the official Motorola 2.1 and 2.2 versions I got officially with the phone were unstable and not particularly impressive in the battery life department, it was insane the number of time the thing would completely lock up or just randomly restart, it really used to do my head in.

    Why is it that a company with the resources of Motorola not only is unable to offer me an official version of Android above 2.2 but can't even program something that doesn't turn my phone into a useless block of plastic so irritating you just want to jump up and down on it?

    So, in summary:

    Motorola - Sweet hardware / less than stellar coding skills / Blur can **** off
    Cyanogen - The best thing since the inception of Android

    Massive bigups to the CM team for transforming my phone into something far better than I ever expected.
    04-17-2012 05:08 PM
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    I used the following apps to visually customise the home screens.

    Zeam Launcher set to full screen mode with gestures for application grid [swipe up], expand notification bar [swipe down], dialer [double-tap] and dock set to transparent
    Pulse Newsreader Widget
    Sundroid Sun & Moon Widgets
    Beautiful Widgets for Clock [Simply Elegant clock skin with Beautiful Super Clock 2x1 widget] and Beautiful Weather 1x1 and 4x1 Widgets
    Poweramp Music Player 4x1 Widget with background set to transparent
    Beyondpod widget
    Droidlight Torch Widget
    Neon Microcosm Live Wallpaper

    Apps Installed [or previously purchased]:

    BBC iPlayer
    Flash 11
    Google Currents
    Dolphin Browser HD
    Opera Mini Next
    ES File Explorer
    Wifi File Explorer Pro
    Kitchen Timer
    Dead Space
    EA Tetris
    Tunein Radio Pro
    Unified Remote
    Gmote 2.0
    System Panel Lite
    Luma Live Wallpaper
    Asphalt 6
    SPB Shell 3D
    The Sims 3
    Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper
    Mystic Halo Live Wallpaper
    Need For Speed Shift
    Sonic CD
    Radiant HD
    Jumpgate Livewallpaper [with flying object, asteroids removed and custom jumpgate colour]
    Digitally Imported Radio
    No Lock Screen
    DJ Studio 3
    Star Trek Communicator [just for the minute of fun it gave me]
    04-17-2012 07:27 PM
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    No-one cares.

    * sob *
    05-06-2012 10:30 AM
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    Excuseme, hi, I was wondering if could tell me which version did you get. Was it US/Europe Version or America? I have a Defy, i'm from Argentina and I want to install CM9. I have CM7.
    05-16-2012 07:08 PM
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    Hi friend,

    I have defy plus but there is a problem in upgrading the Android version to 2.3.6. Once I download and install, it says the update failed. Can you plz help me out to update my defyplus.

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    05-16-2012 07:38 PM
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    Can you give instructions? I would like to upgrade my Orange (Israel) Defy+. Battery life is terrible, and I need apps that are not available to 2.2 users.
    07-20-2012 06:42 AM