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    Hi Everyone,

    I seem to have "bricked' my Defy!

    My intention was to put CM10 Android 4.1.2 for the Defy ROM on, and everything seemed to work during the installation, however now the phone won't boot past the "Motorola Symbol", or the "little Android Man with the triangle and exclamation mark (floating above him!)" - depending on whether or not I try to enter the boot menu.

    These are the steps that I followed -

    1). Rooted with SuperOneClick
    2). Installed bootmenu & the ClockWorkMod recovery (using the second half of this page for instructions)
    3). Flashed froyo (kernel-froyo-222-179-4-signed.zip)
    4). Wiped data / factory reset + wiped cache parttion
    5). Installed ROM from zip file (on the SD card)

    The mistake that I think I made was not rebooting enough between the steps, e.g.: flashing froyo, wiping, installing ROM, etc. I probably should have rebooted between every step above (the wisdom of retrospect!!!).

    At any rate I cannot boot the phone into bootmenu / clockworkmod, instead I just get the little android guy, with the hovering exclamation mark contained within an ominous triangle! There are no options on the screen, and physically pressing the volume up / down, and / or power button has no effect.

    Suggestions on how to get clockworkmod back are highly sort after.

    Kind Regards,

    01-21-2013 07:24 PM
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    I had this happen to me about a month ago as I had tried to flash a JB ROM - I can't exactly pinpoint the reason why this had taken place, and I'm sure a search in the thread where you got the ROM from may uncover the source.

    I recall having to download RSDLite as well as the appropriate SBF file for your Defy (I can't stress how important it is you download the exact stock SBF, and I hope you've noted the stock details prior to root/flashing a custom ROM).

    There are tutorials on YouTube on how to flash an SBF to your Defy. Be patient and follow the instructions to a tee - the installation will take a while, so it needs a decent charge on it (know that in its current state, I don't think its possible to charge the device atm so be aware of this and only turn it on when you know you're ready). I could try to find the video guides I used and post them here later (it's 1:42am here).

    Edit: Here they are - and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd9EjgvcbXY" . NOTE: don't download the SBF firmware files they have in their videos, as they are compatible with their devices and likely not yours!

    After the SBF has finally installed, you should be back on stock Blur (which should be refreshing, no doubt) and will be able to start over on a clean slate.

    You'll have to SuperOneClick for root all over again and I recommend (if you didn't previously have it installed anyway), 2ndinit because it is a lifesaver.

    I haven't since flashed a JB ROM, and have kept mine on its most stable cm7.2 since I have a GNex, but if you're raring for a bit of Jelly, then the best advice I can offer is to read through those JB threads to know exactly what issues others are having, and so you know the risks you're running when you flash unstable/nightly ROMs.

    We've all made these mistakes before, and it's good to know they can be rectified, but it's always better when we don't have to worry about making up for mistakes in the first place

    Fingers crossed the method that helped me will help you too!

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    02-15-2013 08:41 AM

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