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    I'm trying to fix my housemate's Motorola Defy Plus. It keeps rebooting randomly. This is actually my old phone which I gave to her. It never reset for me in 1 year of owning it, so it seems an enormous coincidence for it to malfunction in this way.

    When I did a factory reset I select 'No data plan'. That is the only difference to when I had the phone. She has a SIM Only contract with no data plan. However I've switched off 3G (i.e. 2G only) and we're only using wifi for any data stuff.

    Anyway after the second factory reset, some folders are missing off the SD card. Indeed hardly anything remains. I had to add /media/ringtones etc to get new ringtones in there. The lock screen doesn't work when pressing the power button once quickly to shut off the screen, although the lock screen DOES work if a complete reboot occurs, but thereafter the lock screen doesn't work, i.e. I set a pin to lock the screen but a swipe gets you to the homescreen with no pin or other security. Apparently this is down to missing necessary folders? (I've fixed the lock screen issue in settings - Location & security settings > Security lock timer > When display is off (ticked))

    The SD contents after a factory reset are:

    1) .android_secure/ (a folder with zero items in it)

    2) Android/ (contents are just another folder called data/)
    a) Android/data/ (contents are only another folder called com.motorola.blur.home/)
    b) Android/data/com.motorola.blur.home/ contains a single folder called .profiles/
    c) Android/data/com.motorola.blur.home/.profiles/ contains only one file called wp_0.png

    3) LOST.DIR/ (a folder with zero items in it)

    Shouldn't the sdcard be initialised with certain system folders? And if so how do I do get the phone to do this?

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I've only installed apps for her that I had on the phone, and which never caused a single crash. So it seems unlikely to be an application crash, unless one of the applications is crashing due to the difference in settings, i.e. 2G / wifi only... however I can't see this being the issue.


    EDIT: OK people aren't replying (lame lame lame lame lame) but I'll put the possible solutions up for others in case they come across this post in the future.

    Anyway. The possible solutions, in the most probable order, are:

    1. Disable the time being updated by the cellular network, instead set it manually.
    2. Disable AVG's lost phone protection.
    3. Yahoo Mail - don't use it.

    I haven't yet narrowed down which it is, but this only happens when the phone's mobile data is switched off, so I'm guessing the phone crashes in Android 2.3.6 when the phone tries to get the time from the network. Any thoughts on this? Not for me, it's too late for that (thanks guys!), but for others in the future.
    03-25-2013 06:38 PM
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    Should state this problem on xda or motorola defy hangout group on fb.
    I bet that u will find solution in 2 days....

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    07-22-2013 05:12 AM

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