1. vdsltk's Avatar
    i have rooted my phone....Devour, and i posted on the other thread about rooting the devour, but can anyone help with the command that i can use to remove the CityID and verizon crap? thanx in advance

    BTW i had to use the sdk download from google to root my phone instead of just using the normal adb commands but any help would be great thanx
    09-06-2010 09:28 PM
  2. GivenToFly's Avatar
    the easiest way is to purchase Root Explorer from the market, then navigate to /system/apps and find CityID and any other stock app you want gone, and rename from .apk to .bak then restart your phone. Be careful what you take out though, if you take out something you need, your phone will not work. CityID should be save to remove.
    10-28-2010 09:04 PM