1. robs86's Avatar
    hello all i just bought a motorola devour and i need to get it rooted and also get motoblur removed so i can flash it to metro pcs and not have it doing a factory reset everytime i use it or turn it off.i got no experience in rooting and do not wanna mess the phone up is there anybody i can pay to do it for me? please i need help
    01-23-2012 01:24 AM
  2. erickrocks1126's Avatar
    Howdy! I just rooted my Devour, and I'm a newbie to rooting. I did it two ways; Universal Androot (a one click application) which worked. I then unrooted it and did it the maual way, to which I followed the instructions on this forum and on Android Forum. More of a learning thing for me, but that's me. My point is it's not really that hard to do, especially with Androot, or if you do it manually, if you do a bit of pre-research on it first and thoroughly go over the guides. If a newbie like me can do it, anyone can!

    Here's a link to root the "easy way" with Androot:
    Root Motorola Devour (EASY WAY) - Android Forums

    Here's a link to permanently bypass Motoblur after getting root:
    Permenantly bypass Motoblur and keep your apps! (root required) - Android Forums

    If you root with Androot, I would take the recommendtion at step 6 of the permanently bypassing Motoblur and get Root Explorer ($3.99 android market) to get rid of the .apk and .odex files that "activates" Motoblur. That should do the trick without having to plug your Devour into a computer and use ADB to manually remove the files with command lines. I personally don't know for sure because I did the manual root process to get rid of those Motoblur files, so if it doesn't don't blame me. But logically it should work because in the end you are removing the files that (as far as I know) "activates" Motoblur, whether you do it manually with command lines or via an app.
    01-26-2012 01:18 PM