1. thejke's Avatar
    Very slowly some object in my phone is moving in front of the screen. It is at the bottom of the screen just above the buttons. It started out just barely visable and at the time I thought I just had some dead pixels. However, over time this object has continued to move up the screen. It appears to be some sort of black plastic. It is under the glass but above the lcd screen. In the middle it comes up to about a milimeter then tapers off to nothing towards the sides. If anyone knows anything about this problem I would love to know about it. Should I just take it in to the store?
    12-22-2011 12:35 PM
  2. NateDizzy's Avatar
    Mine did the same thing. Slowly creeped higher and higher, you can tell its a rubber gasket of some sort. I got a Galaxy Nexus on launch day and threw that piece of $hit D2G in the junk drawer.
    01-29-2012 07:56 PM