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    Let me first say that I wanted to use a phone using Android technology over the iPhone because I hate buying into trendy, over-priced products that force you to use their format (iTunes, music file formats, etc.). That said, after replacing 3 Droid X's and now on my way to canning a 3rd Droid 2 Global--all for the same reasons mind you--I will shortly be taking the plunge and switch to an iPhone. I have read countless complaints on forums regarding the phone powering itself back on, and the calendar application failing to notify you of events when they are supposed. Case in point with regards to the functionality of the calendar: my phone COMPLETELY missed 3 appointments on the calendar yesterday, and is 2 hours and 32 minutes past an event it should have reminded me of today! It seems as though there are plenty of other people with the same problem: you can check out all of the threads below, and trust me when I say these threads are just a small sample size--there are more out there:



    Intermittent reminder alarm failure

    What's going on with these appointment reminders????

    For anyone with a clue on how to fix this, my phone software details are:

    Android version: 2.3.3
    System version: 4.5.608.A956

    Don't know if you need any more info., but speaking with Motorola this morning, they said my software is up to date...

    I am clearly not the only person with this issue. And, after 5 phones, you have to think this is software-related, right? I got some song and dance routine from Verizon saying that a software fix is in the works for the power-up problem, but nothing about the calendar. This has been going on since MAY, 2011!! 7 months without a phone that works properly, and I will probably still get screwed by Verizon and have to pay for a phone out of my own pocket. Never had a problem with my old Blackberry, and never heard of these problems with iPhones. For those of us who use their calendars for work, that is kind of an important function that is completely unreliable.

    All I can say is, Google, you are going to lose customers if you are unwilling to resolve problems in a timely manner. Seems like some of these problems have been out there a while now. Who is in charge of software testing for GingerBread over there anyway??
    01-09-2012 02:50 PM
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    If I were you I wouldn't be blaming Google...I'd blame Moto for their Blur BS...just sayin

    My calendar works like a charm on my Vanilla Android phone and my Honeycomb tablet

    And instead of going into a hate rage blaming Google threatening to go to ios why don't you just download another calendar app from the market...seems like a simple solution to me.
    01-09-2012 03:17 PM