1. MellowDog's Avatar
    Admittedly, I am used to the LG VX8300 that could go 3 or more days on one charge of the 1100mAh battery.

    The D2 can't go a full day of use without exhausting the 1300mAh battery. I better be near a wall charger 'cuz the USB port barely keeps up. So, where's the freedom of a smartphone if you are tethered to a wall? Or you don't use it because it will be dead at 2 in the afternoon?

    I have tried not using apps and just doing phone calls. A few calls of 10 minutes each drop it 20 percent. I have battery monitors, app killers, and you name it. The apps just don't shut down. Start an Android app, go back to the home screen, and it will hang around using CPU cycles just in case you need it a few hours later. Die, dammit, die!

    What solutions have you found to make the phone live one whole day? Extended battery? extra batteries? Any app that turns off processes automatically WITHOUT you doing it manually?
    08-15-2012 07:34 PM
  2. naturemoe's Avatar
    You've got me. I got the same problem. permanently tied to the plug.
    01-12-2013 04:50 PM