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    I searched the forum and I could not find anything so if there is another thread for this, please direct me to it. I cannot click on a phone number in a browser and have it automatically fill in on the dialer. I have to try to memorize the number then type it in. This is even with the code tel:999-999-9999 that is specified as what to use in the Droid developers instructions. I read that Apple is trying to get the rights to allow this to work which is why Google took this feature off the current OS (I know I used to be able to do this). I also heard that the numbers are tied to Google Maps and if the phone cannot find it on Google Maps, then it won't auto input into the Dialer but this is also not true because I have done Google searches, clicked on the phone number and it still doesn't automatically put the number in the dialer. I need to know how to make it work for the average layperson using a Droid. I didn't even realize I could hold down the button (phone number) and it would pop up and ask if I want to copy it, then I could paste it into my dialer until I started searching about this. So, it goes to reason that most Droid users would not know this either. OR - is this just some quirky setting on my phone that I need to change so it works correctly?

    Thanks, Judy
    10-25-2012 05:21 PM

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