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    Hi everyone! This should be a pretty simple question...but it is a bit beyond my current understanding level...

    I have a droid 2 with 2.3.4 and the 621... I just got it flashed from VZW to Mobi PCS (i wanted to do it myself, but i could not find the PRL SID/NID, MDN/MIN etc on the internet anywhere), anyways they offer unlimited data..which is SWEET! Currently everything works as it should..SMS, Data/Web, Voicemail, Calls, and text messaging.

    However, I want to tether via wifi without paying the $15/month extra fee. I understand from my research on this forum that rooting and getting a custom rom would solve this, BUT..the guys at the "unlocking"-store told me that I will have issues if i upgrade to 629, put a custom rom, OR if i root the phone...?? I'm certainly not an expert with androids YET...but it seems as long as I back up the APN's (and put them back after rooting/flashing new rom) nothing else should get modified during rooting (EZsbf method) or installing a custom rom...is that correct??? Or do i need QPST and CDMA WS..and much more knowledge?? -lol

    Or am i missing something? If so, can someone tell me what other settings or files i need to make backups of before i root?


    Also, I hate to ask NOOB questions when i could go searching for the answer...but if someone could also tell me the best rom, kernel, and easiest root method...haha!
    12-06-2012 08:36 PM

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