1. justinsaneeeee's Avatar
    I was at a local arbys and a software designer from motorola was there with the droid 2. I asked him if it was the droid 2 and he said yes. Then he came to me and let me play with it. I asked if it had android 2.2 and he said yes and showed me it and I then asked if there will be more motorola android phones that start with android 2.2 and he said yes.
    08-07-2010 07:23 PM
  2. kinster02's Avatar
    This is old news it was put out two weeks ago that the droid 2 will be coming out with 2.2.
    08-07-2010 08:44 PM
  3. justinsaneeeee's Avatar
    I didnt see it anywhere so I thought id put it in the forums for those to talk about it. I was also excited to out of nowhere randomly run into it. Not everyday a beta tester for the company has the phone out. Other then that it looks and feels alot better in the hands, the keyboard is very nice alot better then the orginal.
    08-07-2010 09:54 PM
  4. shoman24v's Avatar
    Should have asked if it is locked down.
    08-08-2010 03:08 AM
  5. Dirrk's Avatar
    I think moto has pretty much confirmed that too
    08-08-2010 01:01 PM