1. knightbb's Avatar
    Hey just saw the new droid2 at a bestbuy store the dud had it in the back. When he took it it of there it felt like Beauty in its purest form.lol Well first it looks like the earphone jack has been redesigned because the first droid had a problem over time with it. Meaning that if toy are a power user that rally use the ear peace Jake you will see that over time the sound will start screwing up. like it goes to mono to stereo or just stop the the music all together because the player program will think you unplugged it but what really happened was that the ear peace Jake just moved to much. with the new droid the ear peace jack is part of the body like all the other droids not like before because the old droid had like 2 peaces to make up the jack The body and the jack that was exposed.

    2. The new droid is a tiny bit slimmer and looks a bit more eye pleasing. The slide out keyboard looks and feels alot better.

    This is the droid that Motorola should have came out with in the first place.
    08-11-2010 03:56 PM
  2. johntkong's Avatar
    How are the keys? Are they mushy or clicky? And is there good travel when pressed?
    08-12-2010 08:39 AM
  3. knightbb's Avatar
    the keys feel really good! and the spacing between keys are much better because they took out that stupid big button that was on the right side
    08-12-2010 08:51 AM