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    I have just switched to the Droid 2 from a Blackberry Storm. So far this phone is hands down better then any of the Blackberries I have owned in the past. The only thing the Blackberry did better was pushing e-mail faster, but I still get my e-mail in a decent time frame. I do have three complaints about the phone and I was hoping I could get a little help.

    1) The main one is that I have a corporate account and a yahoo account that are set up on the phone. Is there a way to have a shortcut to both e-mail accounts on my home screen? I have a shortcut for the e-mail box but I have to set one of the accounts as the default. Why can't I just have a shortcut to both on my home screen?
    2) The Blackberries that I have owned had a lot more customization to set up different profiles. I know there are apps like Tasker that I could get to solve this problem but I have heard that killed the battery and some do not work with 2.2 that good. Can any of you point me in the right direction with an app that will work good with 2.2.
    3) The last problem is one that a few of us have. Since I have a corporate account I hate that I have to enter a pin to unlock the phone. I understand that it is a bug with 2.2 and there is nothing we can do about it. Is there anyway around this.
    08-23-2010 04:53 PM